Letter to birth parents

Dear friend,

We want you to know we believe that choosing adoption means making an extremely brave and selfless decision. Your decision, your sacrifice, and your love are humbling. You are truly an amazing parent for putting the needs of your child above your own desires. Our hearts go out to you as you try to make this difficult decision.
We have been happily married for over 6 years and feel blessed every day to have each other. We both have large loving families and are surrounded by supportive friends. But as happy as we are, our family has never felt complete. We have always known that our family would include children.
We have tried to have children for several years. We have gone to fertility experts, undergone surgery, and prayed constantly. However it seems that God has other plans for us at this time.
Adoption is something that we are not only excited about, but very passionate about as well. While researching different agencies we learned about foster to adopt programs. The idea excited us. How wonderful to be able to welcome a range of different children including siblings. We would love to adopt a baby and would also be delighted to foster/adopt a child or sibling set of any gender or race.
We have so much love to give, and are excited and proud to be adopting. We want you to know that if you decide to bless us with a child, we promise to love and nurture them as our very own. We would desire the best for them as they grow and would adore them for their individuality. We look forward to the sweetness of making memories and helping a child grow. We will cherish each moment.
We would always be honest with them about how they came to be our children and would speak of you with respect and love. We would be happy to continue contact with you through email, photographs and a private blog just for you.
Although our original plans did not line up with God’s plan for our family we still have hope. Thank you for considering adoption.
Please know that we wish only the best for you and your child always, no matter what decision you make. We love you already!
With Love,
Bretson and Kristin

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