From: Lone Tree, Colorado
Likes: Building stuff with wood, cooking, hiking, fixing stuff, tools, running, reading and PS3
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Steak and milkshakes
Music: Alternative
Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
Mission: Spokane Washington 2001-2002
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering BYU-Idaho 2007
                    M.B.A. - University of Phoenix 2009
Employment: Boeing - design engineer; lighting group 2011-Present 
                        BE Aerospace; lavatory design 2007-2011 
Goals: Start a family, run a marathon, become a lead or manager at Boeing

In Tulip Town 2012
From: Ellicott City, Maryland
Likes: Decorating, organizing, playing the piano, learning, reading and exploring new places
Favorite Foods: Shrimp, Fettuccine alfredo, Cadbury mini eggs, Salted Carmel hot chocolate
Music: Classical, Rock, Folk and Indie Rock
Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
Education: Floral Design Managment & Piano Preformance from BYU-Idaho 2007
Employment: Self Employed piano teacher to 46 students 2008-Present
Goals: Start a family, learn how to repurpose furniture and study music therapy

Summer 2011

We met at a campus dance while attending BYU-Idaho december 2005. I thought he was awkward, sweet and hillarious. He thought I was "cute". After the dance he invited me to McDonalds with some of his friends and we talked for hours. Sadly it was the last week of the semester before christmas break. We made the most of it and went on a date almost every night! We talked several times while we were at our respective homes for christmas. We continued dating the following semester. That summer Bret was a tour bus driver in Ketchican Alaska and I did a floral internship at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah. We talked all the time and sent eachother packages of goodies every month.
Bret proposed to me one week after we were reunited after summer break. He wanted to take me to a nice restaurant but I was oblivious and thought we should go somewhere more affordable for 2 broke college kids. He gave in and we went to Applebee's. After dinner he took me to the Idaho Falls temple. We walked around the grounds for a while and then he popped the question. It may not have been the most original proposal but it was very sweet. He was so sincere that my heart just melted. Obviously I said yes!! We were married December 2006 in Manti Utah.
We have been married for over 6 happy years. When we were newlywed, we both had one semester of college left. Bret worked at KFC to help us make ends meet. When we graduated Bret got a job with BE Aerospace so we moved to Everett Washington. I originally wanted to get a job as a wedding planner but the bad economy of 2008 had other plans. I opted to start a piano studio instead.
In 2009 we purchased our first home. We had so much fun remodeling and decorating it to fit our dreams. We love our family life and are blessed to live close to so many wonderful friends including Bret's younger brother. We truly feel at home in our community and can't wait to start growing our family!

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